Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 29th birthday on June 27, and we were startled to read that she’d found herself a weepy mess on her big day! What’s going on, Kokes? Was it a sweet birthday gift from thoughtful hubby Lamar Odom that made you tear up?  

Well, Khloe did get a very thoughtful gift from her NBA baller husband, but that wasn’t what brought her to tears on her birthday. According to her Twitter feed, she was overwhelmed by all the love she was feeling from her fans!

“I guess this is what happens when you get older,” she tweeted. “I have been crying reading some of the sweetest tweets for my Birthday. So sweet! Blessed!”

“PS... I'm not a crier so this is a big, weird, silly thing for me :)” she wrote next.

Aw, Koko! Such a softie. And don’t worry, Lamar may not have brought his wife to tears (that we know of) but he did get her a super sweet gift.

“Lamar personally picked out flowers for her. He hand-picked them, but had them wrapped with all the bells and whistles and delivered,” a source told “Khloe’s a simple girl, much more easy going and more low-key than her sisters. She’s appreciative of the smaller things, the significant things, Lamar does for her. I’m sure there’s more gifts and a ‘special’ gift he’ll give her later — one only he can give her. She’ll love it.”

OK, source, that was way more information than we needed! So, we’ll just say: Happy birthday, Khloe!

Source:, Khloe Kardashian Twitter