Is Scott Disick returning to his bad boy ways? The father of two has been on remarkably good behavior as of late. No hard partying, no random outbursts — and most notable, no rumors of relationship trouble with girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian.

Now, Scott’s nice guy streak might be over. An eyewitness is telling Radar Online that she saw the 30-year-old go on a bizarre, profanity-filled tirade at a Miami hotel on June 29.

The woman, therapist Emily Roberts of, tells Radar that Scott flew into a rage in the hotel lobby, referring to she and her female co-workers as “b-----s” and “c---s” — while young children stood not too far away.

“I was appalled, both personally and professionally, by his behavior,” Emily says.

With Kourtney and the kids back in L.A., Scott and an entourage of about 10 men were walking past the hotel bar when one of Emily’s friends approached him to ask for a picture.

“Scott was like, ‘No you girls are crazy! Get away from me!,” Emily says. She adds that he used the f-bomb, as well as “several derogatory words for females.”  She continues, “He was being very dismissive and inappropriate. Very unkind. Very vulgar. I was appalled.”

So what could have caused such an outburst? Emily reports that a friend of Scott’s told her that he’s “just really sensitive right now.” We’re not sure what to make of this. It does sound a bit like a case of “he said”/“she said”... without the “he said.” What do you think of the whole debacle?

Source: Radar Online