Kris Jenner has been burning a path through the talk show circuit, as she gets ready for the July 15 launch of her brand new daytime talk show, Kris. Naturally, she made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, but in addition to tackling the usual subjects, like her super celeb granddaughter North West, Kris had to offer up an apology for something—and someone.

That’s right, Kris had to do a little damage control, and apologized for her husband Bruce Jenner’s bizarro appearance on Fallon’s show!

It was so bad, Kris evidently “banned him from all talk shows after,” so there won’t be any unfortunate repeats.

Of course, Kris was joking, but an apology wasn’t totally out of line!

For those of you that have scrubbed this encounter from your brain, Bruce went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in early June, and proceeded to dress down the talk show host for jokes he’d been making about Bruce’s facelift! It was all in good fun (we hope) but watching a host get told he needs better material over and over again isn’t most people’s idea of fun TV viewing.

So! Where does that leave us? If Bruce is really off the talk show circuit, Kris, does that mean he won’t be showing up on your new stage? Kris did tell Fallon that her show will be “a big fabulous party all summer long” so it seems unfair to leave poor Bruce out, especially if baby North is in on the fun.

Source: Radar Online