Credit: Frazer Harrison and Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Kris Jenner can’t stop teasing us! The TV host-to-be, whose daytime talk show Kris launches today, has been hinting (and hinting and hinting) that her granddaughter North West may make her first public appearance on her show, and even went so far as to post a photo of herself with a baby on set!

“You never know who will stop by our show today #WatchKris,” read the caption of the Kris and baby photo, posted on the show’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

Is it North?! Will we finally see this elusive celebrity baby? After all the back and forth has been happening in the media, of the “will they or won’t they?” variety, common wisdom seemed to be that baby North wouldn’t be going anywhere near Grandma’s talk show, not even in pictures.

But TMZ, in it’s infinite industriousness, has already taken the wind out of Kris’s media-loving sails! “After some digging we found out the baby is owned by a hair and makeup person on the set,” reports the site.

Busted! There will be no North sighting today, people. We’re pretty sure Kris knows she isn’t fooling anyone with these over-the-top obvious ploys, but we also can't really blame her for trying! She's got one big card to play as her show gets off the ground, and Kim's daughter North is it. Do what you gotta do, Kris! 

Source: Facebook, TMZ