Rumors that Kris and Bruce Jenner are getting divorced have been around since reality TV time immemorial, but more fuel was added to that ever-burning fire when Bruce got himself a bachelor pad!

He and Kris were at each other’s throats on an episode of Keeping With The Kardashians, so Bruce decided the only thing to do was go real estate hunting. He found himself a sweet little place in Malibu, where he could play all the ping-pong he wanted without Kris harping at him.

Of course, Kris got lonely and convinced him to move home by the end of that episode, but Bruce wouldn’t give up his Malibu man cave. With direct access to a private beach in the swanky Broad Beach Bluff area, we can hardly blame him. He still spends plenty of time there, as do his kids—the family even hung out there on the 4th of July.  So it seems like Bruce is pretty invested in keeping his private space, but what is it costing him?

According to the Daily Mail, $14,500 a month!

That works out to $174,000 a year, which is a serious investment in alone time. That seems like a lot to spend, just because you need some time away from your wife. But hey, we’re sure people have done crazier things to save a marriage, we just haven’t seen it on reality TV.

Source: Daily Mail