After fighting off romantic rumor after romantic rumor, it looks like Kendall Jenner does indeed have a boyfriend!

The 17-year-old aspiring model, one of the the younger members of the Kardashian clan, brought her young man to dad Bruce Jenner’s swanky Malibu pad on the 4th of July, but according to Star magazine they’ve been secretly dating for a year.  

So, who is this lucky fellow! Kendall’s high school sweetheart Julian Brooks!

“They are each other’s first loves,” an insider told the mag about the cute young couple.

Oh. Well, we could have told you that!

Kendall and Julian met while they were both attending Sierra Canyon School. He was a football player, she was a cheerleader. Julian, now 19, plays football for the University of Nevada.

This is hardly breaking news! In May, Kendall tweeted, “cant [sic] believe its [sic] been a whole year! time flies mann [sic]” — along with a smiley face with heart eyes. On the exact same day, Brooks tweeted, “It's crazy... it's been a year.. a good year”

Credit: Julian Brooks on Instagram Photo: Kendall Jenner Gives Rumored Boyfriend Julian Brooks a Kiss in 2013

So cute! And that’s not even mentioning the adorable smoochy photo of the two she once posted online.

We’re pretty impressed that they kept their love under wraps for as long as they did, but they should be glad the cat’s out of the bag, if only because it’ll put the rumor that Julian’s been dating Kendall’s little sister once Kylie and for all.

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