Kris Jenner’s long-touted new daytime talk show, Kris, hit FOX airwaves on July 15, kicking off the program’s six-week mid-summer trial period. Kris seems super stoked about her new endeavor, but were her fans as enthusiastic? There’s one way to find out. Let’s go to the ratings!

The numbers are in, and it looks like Kris did just fineeven without trotting out Kim Kardashian’s new baby as a publicity stunt!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s first broadcast beat out time slot competition Katie, Steve Harvey and daytime mainstay Dr. Phil in Kris’s hometown of  Los Angeles. The show was reportedly the winner among women 25-54 and 18-49, which made Kris the top dog in the 3 p.m. hour in that city.

Kris also did well in the other major test markets of New York, Dallas and Philadelphia, though it faced stiff competition from another new entry into the daytime TV race, The Real.

During this summer run, five Fox stations are testing out the talk show, in the hopes of launching it in syndication in 2014. We’re only two days in, so it’s way too early to see how it’s really going, but these early reports seem to be good news for Kris! Let’s see if she can keep it up.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter