Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Dom Perignon

Kanye West isn’t the first celebrity to tangle with the cameraman known as Dano (also spelled Deano). TMZ reports that the paparazzo who scuffled with the rapper last Friday has been at the wrong end of the A-list before.

In February 2007, Dano was the center of Britney Spears’ rain gear-equipped rage. The incident came at the very start of Britney’s hairless self-discovery phase. Clearly preoccupied with larger issues, Britney probably didn’t appreciate Dano’s behavior, which TMZ reports was “more than a tad aggressive.” She took her fury out on his Ford Explorer, later explaining that she’d been “preparing my character for a role in a movie.”

Britney’s spat ended in a financial windfall for the pap. Not only did the photog sell the offending umbrella on eBay, he posted the Ford Explorer with bids reaching upwards of $30,000. That may seem like a lot, but it’s probably peanuts compared to the money Dano reportedly received from his video of the conflict.

The cameraman also recorded last week’s Q&A with Kanye. Although Dano’s “technique” when approaching celebrities is, well, questionable, the police felt there was enough evidence to pass the case on to the DA. Kanye’s now facing felony charges for the attempted robbery of the photographer’s camera.

Upside: No umbrellas were harmed in the making of this video.

Source: TMZ

Credit: TMZ Photo: Kanye West Attacks Photographer, Paramedics on Scene