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The sports world is rife with stories of high-profile players who have wasted away their earnings, and Khloe Kardashian is reportedly determined that that not happen to Lamar Odom, her NBA star husband.

"She’s got his butt in check, financially and all," a source tells "Don’t get me wrong: He doesn’t have that rich mentality some of these other cats in the NBA do — he’s smart, he’s intelligent. Khloe just enhances all that. She ain't about to let him blow off his money and be broke."

The insider cites Allen Iverson, an NBA All-Star who is reportedly broke now after earning eight digits a year during his heyday.

"Khloe ain’t about to let [any] of that happen to Lamar," the source reveals.

Still, the confidant maintains, Lamar is independent and does make his own decisions (as should any adult in a loving relationship) but "loves Khloe unconditionally and respects her as his wife."


Credit: Splash News Photo: Lamar Odom Rampages Against Photographers, Destroys Equipment (VIDEO)
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