We have new insight into who Lamar Odom's self-professed "mistress" may be. The question now is whether Khloe Kardashian will believe her husband's claims.

In case you've been ignoring pop culture for the past month, a woman named Jennifer Richardson confessed to Star Magazine that she had been having an affair with Lamar for the past year.

Now, RadarOnline.com reports that Lamar told Khloe that the Jennifer is a notorious groupie has followed NBA teams around during the basketball season — and who has pursued him "relentlessly."

The site touts that, according to Lamar, "there are at least seven to ten hardcore female groupies that follow the Clippers on the road. The women are actually friends and know that most of their desired conquests are married. It doesn’t faze them. For the ladies, it’s all about hooking up with a player, and they are very aggressive in their pursuits.

What do you think, readers? Do you believe Lamar? Is Jennifer a fan determined to sleeping with Lamar and other 'ballers? Or do you think that Mr. Odom is besmirching the reputation of a woman telling the truth?

Source: RadarOnline.com

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