In the weeks since they got hitched, social media devotees Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have been a bit on the quiet side (as in we’ve only seen one to two adorable photos of baby boy Bash per day rather than per hour). Now we may know why: Amber’s been busy trying out some, let’s say, “unique” styling options.

Tit tassel side ponytail,” she recently messaged. Umm excuse us, but what? Look closer and you’ll see the model mama sporting a tassel typically used to, well, draw attention to someplace a little lower on a lady. Amber, though, decided to put the tassel up high, reminding her fans that her eyes are up here, thank you very much.

Credit: Amber Rose on Instagram

Question: Where did Amber get the tassel in question? From what we can tell, she’s not at any particularly jazzy night club where such props would be at hand. Maybe Muva Rosebud just likes to keep them in her purse, right next to the lipstick and eyeliner.

Either way, leave it to Amber to rock a nipple tassel as a side pony. She’s often on the cutting edge of fashion, so perhaps we’ll see this new look walk the New York runways in September? What say you, Anna Wintour?

Source: Amber Rose on Instagram