Credit: Frazier Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Kim Kardashian's Baby Already Has Which of Her Signature Body Parts?

Looks like Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family, led by momager Kris Jenner weren't lying about the paparazzi trespassing onto their property earlier this week.

Here's the situation: Kim posted a video of her mom and other random people running around the house saying that there was a photographer that was seen in their gated community. Kim handed the phone recording the video to a friend who then proceeded to chase after Kris, who was in turn chasing after the supposed paparazzo. Check out the video below.

After the incident, many people began to speculate about whether or not there was even a paparazzo out there or if it was just another one of the Kardashian's elaborate plots for attention. Really all we know for sure is that we got to hear Kim's voice, proving that she is actually alive in that Calabasas mansion.

Since then, TMZ learned that a cop car came to the house and police are investigating the situation. A source close to the family told the news outlet that police already have a solid lead on a suspect.

Hmm, guess this is much more real than anyone had thought!

Source: TMZ