Momager Kris Jenner may call most of the shots when it comes to the careers of everyone in her household, but when it was time to get Kanye West to appear on her talk show, the responsibility fell squarely on Kim Kardashian's shoulders.

Life & Style reports that Kim was instrumental in convincing Kanye to make an appearance on the finale of Kris, which had an uncertain future, thanks to the relatively low ratings the show pulled in in its first season.

"Kris had a mini-meltdown to the whole family about her show and how the ratings weren't great and how they weren't supporting her enough with the show," a source tells the magzine. "So basically Kris said, 'Kim, you have to come on the show for the finale.' But Kim really doesn't feel ready to do that, so she begged Kanye to do it for her."

While the media-shy rapper eventually consented to the appearance, he insisted upon doing things on his own terms.

“He reluctantly agreed as long as there was a list of things they could and couldn't talk about and that it was filmed in advance so that he could see the edited segment."

Kanye, I’mma let you finish, but North West's baby photo already had the most hyped-up Kris appearance of all time. 

Source: Life & Style