Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lamar Odom's alleged drug problem may be the stuff of legend already, thanks to multiple reports of his drug-fueled hotel trashing and foot-filled affairs, but a new story about the great lengths he’d go to — and great prices he’d pay for drugs — may take the cake.

A man claiming to be Lamar’s drug dealer told RadarOnline that, despite all the reports about Lammy using crack and sleeping pills and painkillers, what he truly loves more than anything in the world is to freebase cocaine — and he’s spent more than $50,000 doing it since 2010.

“He likes to party” claimed the dealer.“He’s a pretty nice guy to be honest with you, but he’s becoming … his problem seems to be becoming a bigger problem.”

Although many other sources have claimed that Lamar is struggling mainly with pills and crack, the dealer added, “The only thing I know he does [is cocaine]."

“I do not know anything about these new developments about him using pills. I do not know anything about that," said the dealer, who allegedly provided photographic proof of his friendship with Lamar. "The cocaine he fancies.”

While Lamar has been a good customer to the anonymous dealer, spending “more than 50 grand” in the past three years, including blowing $16K on drugs in one sitting, the drug dealer with a heart of gold has grown a conscience about the whole thing, telling Radar that he’s concerned about his client.

“[Lamar] huge problem and he has a very addictive personality,” admitted the dealer. “It is becoming worse as you can see.”

Source: RadarOnline