Kim Kardashian’s not the only one jumping aboard the blond hair bandwagon. Just three days after debuting her radically different style, little sis Kendall Jenner experimented with a lighter shade as well.

Taking to Twitter on September 6, the 17-year-old shared a photo of her sassy new look. Kendall, who typically sports deep espresso locks, showed off a light brown-and-blond ombre effect.

As the temperatures start to drop and we head into fall, girls everywhere are itching to switch up their looks. That said, dyeing your hair lighter is a trend that usually happens at the beginning of summer, not at the end — which just means Kendall will stand out all the more when she returns to school as a senior this month!

Are you loving Kendall’s dip-dyed new ocks, or are you ready to say goodbye to the ombre trend?

Credit: E! Online via 5min Media Photo: Kim Kardashian Tries Platinum Blond Hair on For Size (VIDEO)