Credit: Instagram Photo: Khloe Kardashian Instagram selfie

Who else has been waking up with night sweats thanks to Lamar Odom's alleged crack addiction? We're so worried about this handsome pro basketball player –– but not half as worried as we assume his wife, Khloe Kardashian, is. This glamazon has been keeping her chin up despite the non-stop media storm regarding her hubby's questionable antics, but the good news? She's still finding time to post gorgeous selfies to Instagram.

Behold, Khloe's latest self-portrait! It's one part tragic introspection, one part "haters to the left" and about five parts "I'm way hotter than you." And guys? The time has come to analyze it. First of all, Khloe is wearing sweats –– which is a sure fire sign of Kardashian Krisis. However, she's also in full hair and makeup, which means she made the effort to drag herself out of bed in the morning. A good sign if there ever was one.

The verdict? It's safe to assume that Khloe is stressing big-time about Lamar's alleged crack addiction, but she isn't letting the rumors and speculation get the better of her. Way to stay strong and keep your chin up, lady!

What do you think of Khloe posting a selfie amid all the gossip about her grifter-status husband? Weigh in below to dish your thoughts and theories!

Source: Instagram

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