Just when it looked like Scott Disick was getting closer to becoming a real boy by the day, it turns out he had us fooled again.

Not yet ready to hand down the sceptre of rich kid rule to the next member of his court, Lord Disick proved once again what makes him only an axe and a Phil Collins CD short of a modern-day Patrick Bateman.

In a new Instagram photo, Scott showed off a big wad of hundred dollar bills wrapped around a toilet paper holder. Never one to leave the oh-so-subtle punchline of a joke to chance, Scott spelled it out to his followers with the caption, “I know yall didn't think I would actually use toilet paper!”

While his followers responded with comments like “your ass gonna get robbed” and a multitude of colorful obscenities, this is far from the first time Scott’s felt the need to show off his good fortune to the world.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Scott Disick shows off his expensive toilet paper

The same day, Scott posted a photo of an Hermes Birkin bag covered in hundred dollar bills, which garnered similar ire. “Could you be any more of a pompous d-bag?” asked one fan, while another joked, “How nice — Kourt gives you money.”

Perhaps, if he wants to set a better example for his kids, Scott should figure out how to get himself some common decency pretty soon, or, at the very least, start looking for a wallet. 

Source: Instagram