Kanye West has an $11 million mansion. Kanye West reportedly has a fleet of grenade-proof cars. Kanye West may or may not have some gold toilet seats. Kanye West definitely has a leather skirt. Perhaps, most notably, Kanye West has a painful-looking, possibly incurable case of foot-in-mouth disease, the effects of which are made exponentially worse by consumption of alcohol.

During a listening party for rapper Pusha T’s new album last week, Kanye grabbed the mic and gave the crowd a taste of his dissertation on the commoditization of the rap game.

“I don’t give a f--k about none of these corporations, none of these motherf--king sellouts... We make good music,” an admittedly inebriated Kanye shouted to an enthusiastic crowd.

While his fans may have been happy to hear just how real Kanye from the block keeps it, not everyone was as pleased about his rant.

Page Six reports that, between Kanye claiming to be drunk on Grey Goose at Pusha’s Hennessy-sponsored event and his overall bite the hand that feeds mentality that seems to prompt rants like these, sponsors are getting a bit fed up with Yeezy and are feeling less inclined to throw corporate support behind his fashion line and other artistic endeavors.

“Sponsors are scared away because he’s so unpredictable,” reports an industry insider.

Source: Page Six