Lamar Odom's wild nights of alleged drug use and keeping company with women other than his wife may soon be coming to an end.

Page Six reports that the NBA star will soon come face-to-face with his loved ones for yet another intervention, following wife Khloe Kardashian's failed attempts to convince him to get him clean earlier this summer and last year.

A source claims that, in addition to Lamar’s alleged addictions to crack and prescription pills, his inner circle is concerned that he’s been using molly (aka pure MDMA) and cocaine while living the single life in L.A. since being booted from his marital home.

“Lamar has been partying very hard in LA, hanging out with his friends and not going home to Khloe. His family and his old friends are trying to get him home to Queens,” says the insider. “His family is hearing he is doing coke, crack, molly. He and his L.A. friends are going hard, wildly off the rails.”

While Lamar’s substance abuse issues seem to be getting worse by the day, Khloe is still playing the part of the dutiful wife, and is still wearing her wedding ring, while making no official moves toward divorce.

Source: Page Six