Credit: Instagram

Lamar Odom’s losing streak may be coming to an end.

The basketball star has had a pretty terrible summer, with reports of his drug use and infidelity wreaking havoc on his marriage to Khloe Kardashian and his career with the NBA, but it looks like he’s finally pulling things together and at least getting the basketball part of the equation back on track.

The former L.A. Clipper was snapped by his barber, Enzo, post-shave, in a pic posted to Instagram, looking healthy and ready to play ball. 

Enzo explained that Lamar had, in fact, come in for the haircut because he was planning to get back on the court, writing, “It was an honor lacing up a future laker legend lamar Odom. Spoke ball and lakers.”

In a second pic of the star detail he included on the side of Lamar’s head, Enzo added, “He still gets the star on the back of his head like when he played wit the lakers speaking of which, Wish em the best of luck in his meeting wit the lakers today.”

Credit: Instagram

A source for TMZ backs up Enzo’s account, claiming that Lamar did meet with the Lakers and that, while he still doesn’t have a contract for the upcoming season, the meeting went well and the team is interested.

If the reports are true, it sounds like Lamar could be cleaning up his act once and for all. While he and Khloe Kardashian are still living in separate homes, the pair were spotted together last week for the first time in months, another sign he might finally be on the mend.

Do you think Lamar is finally getting his life back together?

Source: Instagram / TMZ