Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lamar Odom didn’t hesitate to give a quick public service announcement about the dangers of drugs when asked by a 7-year-old boy for his autograph.

The former NBA star was at a birthday party in North Hollywood when a young boy named Elijah asked Lamar for a photo, TMZ reports. According to Elijah’s mom, Lamar initially turned Elijah’s photo request but later obliged. The athlete then chatted with Elijah about the importance of staying in school and even encouraged the boy to pick up basketball. “Don’t do drugs,” Lamar finished the conversation.

We’re so glad that Lamar seems to be at the other end of the tunnel. After battling with drug abuse all summer, the 6’10” basketball player has reportedly been sober for the past few weeks and is now concentrating on his career. Lamar has taken meetings with the Los Angeles Lakers (his former team of seven years) and seems to be trying to get his life back on track.

It’s still unclear what will happen between Lamar and his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, however. While we had been recently hoping that the two were on a path to reconciliation, Khloe posted a fiery message on Instagram yesterday reading, “You get what you f—king give.”

We can’t be sure that this message is directed at Lamar, but the couple has had their ups and downs throughout the past few months.

Regardless of Lamar’s relationship status, what do you think of his words of wisdom to little Elijah?

Source: TMZ