Credit: Kylie Jenner on Twitter

Kylie Jenner recently went on a Twitter tirade proclaiming that she most definitely does not drink or use a fake ID but actions speak louder than words and the star’s recent actions aren’t doing her any favors.

The 16-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reportedly caused quite the stir at a ritzy Beverly Hills hotel when she and a group of friends, including longtime pal Jaden Smith, stopped by to order drinks.

A new report from People claims that while the teen started off in “a good mood,” she quickly soured when her request for bottle service for the underage group was denied.

A source tells the magazine that Kylie berated the hotel host after being turned down by asking, “Do you know who I am?” and declaring that the hotel was “not worth her time.”

When the hotel host didn’t falter, Kylie reportedly stormed out of the bar cursing that the hotel was “fking lame.”  

“She was a complete nightmare,” the hotel source told People. “She started out really nice. But when she didn’t get what she wanted, it was like someone flipped a switch.”

While the teen’s reps didn’t respond to the rumors, Kylie herself took to Twitter to seemingly address the claims.

“Again with these rumors!” she wrote. “Lol! Guess the Twitter rant didn’t do it for some people… Lol.”

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Sources: PeopleKylie Jenner on Twitter