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Prepare to melt faster than the Wicked Witch of the West in a rainstorm! There are few things in life cuter than babies in Halloween costumes (except maybe dogs in Halloween costumes), and Baby Bash is no exception. We feel pretty safe in placing this little lion cub on list of top 10 cutest things we’ll see all week.

Born to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa in February, eight-month-old Sebastian’s chubby cheeks and super cute smile are enough to reduce us to a pile of goo. But put him in a little lion costume and you’re going to hear us roar... with giggles.

Credit: Instagram

Bash isn’t the only member of the family getting into the Halloween spirit. Muva Rose got decked out in a sexy Marie Antoinette costume for a Halloween “girls’ night” with Christina Milian and Miley Cyrus on October 30. Of course, you might not have noticed Amber and Christina in this pic, what with Miley channeling Lil’ Kim on the right.

But we gotta say, Bash is upstaging them both in this cute cowardly lion getup. What do you think of this little cub — cute or CUTEST?

Source: Instagram

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