Credit: Twitter Photo: Kris and Bruce Jenner throwback photo

Kris and Bruce Jenner may be inhabiting different ZIP codes since announcing their separation, but they still have plenty in common. For example, they still have two gorgeous daughters together, plus their mutual love of pasta primavera. Wait, what?

Kendall Jenner shared this throwback pic on Twitter December 30, featuring her parents together during happier times. And we have to tell you, it’s pretty hilarious. Dressed in their best Jazzercise attire and rocking some totally ‘80s hair, Kris and Bruce show off their culinary skills with a big bowl of pasta, spring veggies, and loads of parmesan cheese.

Apparently, the dish is a cherished staple in the Kardashian/Jenner household. “omg my mom and dad #throwback! making my favorite pasta,” Kendall gushed in the caption accompanying this little blast from the past.

We have to admit, the pasta does look pretty yummy — and healthy to boot. We’re just having a bit of a hard time getting over Kris’s mushroom hair and suspendered bodysuit. Also, has Bruce ever had good hair? If so, it seems nobody ever thought to photograph it.

What do you think of Kris and Bruce’s totally radical ‘80s look? Adorable or hysterical?

Source: Kendall Jenner on Instagram