Credit: Instagram

It looks like mourning is taking its toll on Scott Disick — and who can blame the poor guy?

Less than two weeks after the death of his father, Jeffrey Disick, Scott seems to be expressing his grief in a manner all too familiar to girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian.

The formerly hard-partying father of two has fallen back into some less-than-pleasant old habits, according to

Scott looks like he’s having a rough go of things in a photo posted to friend Lil Twist’s Instagram on Sunday. Scott partied with little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, as well as fellow musician Keyshia Cole, at the rapper’s 21st birthday celebration over the weekend, although Kourtney was nowhere to be found.

It seems as though Scott’s recent spate of partying may be a misguided coping mechanism to deal with the recent loss of both of his parents in a three-month span, although his bad boy behavior doesn’t seem to be winning him any points with mother of his children.

Kourtney reportedly wants Scott to go to rehab, or at least seek therapy, for the emotional toll the loss of his parents is taking, but it seems as though he may not be ready to deal with his pain without partying just yet.

Do you think Scott needs to get help for his loss?