Credit: Instagram

Life’s a beach for Kourtney Kardashian and her brood! The reality star is frolicking in the sand in Mexico with her boyfriend Scott Disick and their little ones — and enjoying the fruits of her hard work in the gym with a fantastic bikini body. But while we’re certainly impressed with Kourt’s tiny waist, we’re a little more focused right now on her son, Mason. Just look at how big he’s gotten!

Mace just turned four years old in December and while we know it’s not exactly breaking news that babies get older, we can’t help but marvel at how much taller this little sailor has grown. One day they’re babies and the next they’re riding ATVs with their dad.

Aside from growing like a weed over the last year, Mason also seems to be developing his own sense of style. While Kourtney remarked in an interview with Coveteur earlier this month that Mason tends to follow the trends of his dad — who has transitioned from preppy to a more urban style — here Mace is full-on prep with his sailor hat and nautical stripes.

With the way he’s got his hand on his hip, we can definitely see Mason growing up to become a runway model — provided he only inherits his petite mama’s fashion sense and not her short stature!

Source: Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram