Credit: Brendon Throne/Getty Images

While many celebrities have to deal with unsettling attention from fans, the Kardashians have, thus far, been relatively lucky when it comes to who’s paying them undue attention.

Case in point: the recent slew of strange stories about Kris Jenner’s famous family may not be the tall tales of maligned former assistants, but rather the work of a very dedicated — and very convincing — group of pranksters.

According to TMZ, the Kardashian matriarch believes the family’s recent string of bad luck with the media is all coming from the same set of jokesters who are intent on having some fun with her family’s good (well, OK-enough) name.

Kris reportedly believes these tricksters to be the ones who claimed that her son, Rob Kardashian, was in rehab, in addition to telling news outlets bogus information about her own love life — including the rumor about Kris’ sex tape.

While most of these pranks seem innocent, if kind of annoying, there are some more serious threats to the Kardashians’ well-being afoot — just recently, a strange-smelling stalker made his way onto the grounds of Kris’ Hidden Hills compound, only to be scared off when he found Kim Kardashian hanging out at the house.

Source: TMZ