Ciara is starring in her own blockbuster these days — Ex Woman: Days of Future Past. We are, of course, referring to the music star's reported breakup with rapper-fiancé Future, news of which broke yesterday (August 13).

Credit: Ciara on Instagram Photo: Ciara in New York City on August 14, 2014

Today, however, Ciara is posting selfies that look awfully happy. Check out one of 'em below...

Granted, these Instagram posts could be spin control. Maybe Ciara wants us to think she's not bothered by the split reports or — if the reports are true — that she's perfectly fine thankyouverymuch.

In any case, the 28-year-old "Anytime" singer seems to be taking New York City by storm. "#NYC. #DoMoreKindaDay :)" she writes in one caption. "Rockin Valentino. Off 2 werk. :) XO."

"Nuyorican mami attitude," she writes in the other. "Yo, taxi! :) #NYC."

Ciara also called out Us Weekly, likely referring to this story. "@UsWeekly, I did not do this interview with you!," she tweeted. "This is a lie and tasteless! Must you be that thirsty to create a story?! Unbelievable."

"Be clear, @UsWeekly," she continued. "I interviewed with your beauty editor about Degree and MTV's House of Style. You manipulated my words and took the interview for sensation."

Us is clear to say that the interview occurred before the news of the split broke, but Ciara is probably taking issue with the headline — "Ciara Talks About Motherhood and Life After Future Split."

And note that CiCi doesn't deny the breakup…

What's your take? Is all well between Ciara and Future? Or is she putting on a brave face? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Us Weekly

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