Credit: 106495983 Photo: Khloe Kardashian at the Grand Opening of DASH NYC on November 3, 2010
12. The two often go hand-in-hand
I was a teenager and a pathological liar.

11. Duly noted, Khlo
Please don't ask us something when we have food in our mouths.

10. We won't lie: She kinda is the fun one
[D]on't be jealous just cuz I'm the fun one. Just kidding! Lol!

9. Just your typical game of make-believe
Kim, to Kourtney:
Remember when we'd play and you'd pretend to be Donna Karan?

8. This is truly shocking
I always wanted to be the center of attention...

7. *Cough* Perez *cough*
[One time] a celebrity website had pictures of the two of us and said mean things like Kourtney was "rabbit-toothed" and I was a "fat transvestite."

6. Ah, a young girl's dreams...
When I was young I fantasized about being a Victoria's Secret model. Because back in those days they were the only models who were allowed to have boob and a butt.

5. Supposedly
Nicole Richie gave me the nickname "Khlo-Money" (or Money for short) because I was supposedly the one in our crowd that always had money.

4. The Kardashians, bitchy? Never!
You don't have to be a bitch, but being direct doesn't make you a bitch.

3. Ya think?
Let's face it, Kris [Jenner] can be kind of exhausting.

2. Well, you did elope when you were 19...
I feel a hundred years old already, like I've been doing this dating stuff for so long!

1. We believe it!
We won't lie to you. Being a celebrity can be pretty fabulous.
Credit: Marc Stamas/Getty Images Photo: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian at the Jill Stuart Spring 2011 Fashion Show During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 11, 2010
We've coined a new word: Kardashianism. That's when one of the Kardashian sisters says something that is truly fabulous and quotable. And in Kardashian Konfidential, this happens on every page! So, dear readers, here are some of our favorite Kardashianisms from their new memoir... that you should run out and buy, BTW. Enjoy!
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Photo: Kim Kardashian Attends a Comcast Entertainment Group Party at Trousdale on August 19, 2010

25. Or the Big Bang
Some people say it all started with Kim's bootylicious butt.

24. … and they cannot lie!
Kim: I always had a big butt — but so did Kourtney, just not as big as mine.

23. They've got the curves to prove it
We’re not slaves to certain numbers on a scale.

22. We just threw up a little in our mouths
I remember one day I was kissing Mason and he spit up in my mouth and I loved it.

21. We just threw up a little more in our mouths
I'm Armenian and I get oily.

20. So much for self-love...
Whenever I look at my old pictures… I look so ugly and my eyes look weird.

19. Don't look to us for an answer!
For a while, we wore boxers under our skirts. Who knows why we thought that was cool.

18. Khloé shares a truism
Your bikini, I believe, should always be waxed.

17. Families that shop together stay together!
When we have fights in our family, they usually don't end with an apology. Instead, you just make up by getting back to normal. Like you'll call and say, "You want to go shopping?"

16. No wonder she's a sex symbol!
I yawn a lot.

15. … or tape yourself doing it and lose said sex tape
I ended up losing my virginity… when I was only 14. You should never, EVER have sex when you're that young.

14. She's just like us!
I'm paranoid about having bad breath or body odor.

13. We bet it's real tight...
I was always on a budget. I still am.