While Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West await the birth of their already highly publicized spawn, Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose, recently got a tattoo of her own “babies” on her arm. However, by baby, she does not mean new little bundle of joy, Sebastian, aka “The Bash.” In this case, Amber is referring to her four-legged babies!


The new mom took to Instagram over the weekend to post a photo of the ink, saying, “My guy @bobby_serna is the sh*t! He did a portrait of my babies Pauly & Franky today Thank u Bobby! :-).” Pauly and Franky are Amber’s pugs — one black and one fawn-colored — and, let’s just say, the ink is nearly life-size.

It’s certainly not the craziest celebu-ink we’ve seen, however. Chris Brown has a neck tat that looks suspiciously like a beaten-up Rihanna, while Steve-O of Jackass fame has a self-portrait that covers his entire back.

Pink has a tattoo of her dead bulldog all the way up her arm, so perhaps inking your pooch’s mug on your skin is just another day for celebs. And we know that Amber’s family likes to commemorate all sorts of things in ink — her dad recently got a tattoo to mark eight years of being cancer-free.

What do you think of Amber’s tattoo?