Cue the obligatory chorus of “AWWWWW” and strike up the baby talk, because this father-and-son Instagram pic Amber Rose posted on April 4 is too adorable to articulate in real words. It’s official: Wiz Khalifa and newborn baby Sebastian “Bash” Taylor Thomaz are our Cute Pic of the Day.

Wiz and Amber have certainly taken to parenting like a couple of naturals. Though Bash was born back in late February, it wasn’t until the end of March that the couple went out for their first night on the town without the baby. They’ve just been too in love with that baby to ever want to leave the house!

And who can blame them? Wook at his widdle feet! (Once you start with the baby talk, it’s really hard to stop.)

Amber has said that Wiz is the best papa. From this pic, it’s plain to see how much the rapper is in love with his baby boy. We also love what we can see of their nursery setup. Does anyone know where we can get a hamburger pillow like that one?

What do you think — is this the cutest baby-and-daddy pic you’ve seen in ages or what?

Source: Amber Rose on Instagram