Kim Kardashian and Kanye West caused some drama when they were caught up in TSA trouble at JFK Airport yesterday, even though it turned out they hadn’t done anything wrong. Well, not much, anyway!

It turns out that Kim and Kanye weren’t just innocent celebrities taking advantage of a professional perk— adoring fans letting them get away with things mere mortals could never dream of. Sure, a TSA staffer let them skip a security checkpoint, but according to the New York Post, it was because Kim and Kanye were late arriving for their flight to L.A.! The horror!  

Some stories on the incident saying Kimye's inconsiderate lateness is to blame for the flight’s hour-long delay, instead of that enthusiastic staffer who let them cut the line. But before we get too finger point-y, let’s remember that this was a connecting flight! Kim and Kanye may have been partying with Will Smith in Rio, but that hardly makes it their fault that their flight to New York landed late.

Since it seems there's not much more to this story, let's just let it go and imagine Kim and Kanye running through an airport, Home Alone-style. 

Source: New York Post