Rob Kardashian made his very first appearance of the season on Sunday night’s Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, and the Rob that showed up on our TV screens during the episode doesn’t exactly look like the Rob Kardashian we remember.

He’s the same guy, there’s just, well, more of him than there was before. Rob has put on weight recently, and the stress of his up-and-down relationship with now ex-girlfriend Rita Ora might be part of the reason.

Rob and Rita broke up in early December 2012, and Rob tweeted just days later, “Man I gained wayyyyyyyyy too much weight. I'm at 220 right now!

And, just as he made a change in his relationship, Rob also decided to make a change in his diet. “Time to be a beast! Healthy food and loads of cardio starts mañana. Fat boy!” he wrote.

Sounds like a plan to us! With a healthier mindset, and a healthier relationship status, we bet Rob will be back to his former self in no time.