Credit: Dragao/Fame Pictures Photo: Kourtney Kardashian Gets Hair Extensions at a Los Angeles Salon on October 1, 2009

Are Kourtney's long, gorgeous tresses real, or is she getting a little extra help from hair extensions? The short answer is sometimes. In October 2009, Kourtney took to her blog to show off a shorter 'do after readers complained about her too-long extensions. The eldest Kardashian sister had traded in her usual waist-length waves for a haircut just grazing her shoulders.

What prompted Kourtney to lengthen her locks in the first place? Her stylist, Troy Jensen, unceremoniously lopped off Kourt's naturally long mane in November 2008. Kourtney blogged, "He grabbed my hair in a pony tail and chopped it off! I was terrified to look in the mirror and was late to a black tie event! I didn't look in the mirror until I walked in the event after the red carpet haha! I loved it for a couple months and then missed my long hair terribly. I caved and got extensions, which I have sewn in. So once in a while when I have shorter hair pics on my blog it is because my extensions are out and I am letting my head breathe!"

Considering recent snaps show her alternating between long and very long styles, she's probably relying on the hair extensions part of the time.