Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram Photo: Kim Kardashian With a Puff Pony Tail in January 2013

Anyone who lives in Hollywood, reads tabloids, or watches certain HBO comedies knows that huge celebs hardly go anywhere without their posse of assistants, publicists, managers, friends, and hangers-on. But what about Kim Kardashian?

The preggers reality star confesses that she prefers to go to work functions solo rather than being accompained by a swarm of people.

"I travel alone. I don't have an entourage,” she touts a behind-the-scenes video for her Elle magazine photoshoot. “I'm sick of my family right now, and they're my only entourage!

"I like to vibe out by [myself], and sometimes when you have lots of other people there, it gets in the way."

The dark-haired beauty was dressed by famed stylist Nicola Formichetti for the shoot, and Kim gushes that working with the stylist — a frequent Lady Gaga collaborator — is a "dream come true".

“I love being transformed and I love your vision of who you think I am,” she tells him. “That's always so inspiring for me and so interesting — seeing someone's take on me.

"When I work with someone I really respect, I work with trust. Even if I'm not comfortable in something, I trust your vision to push me a little bit."

We’re excited to see the results! Keep on rocking on, you lone wolf!

Source: BANG Showbiz