In the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the sisters grapple with three stubborn men and one poor decision-making mom. Plus, Lamar takes a much-needed trip to the dentist. Needless to say, there were a lot of quotables. Here are our top 12 of the episode!

Saying No Thanks
Kris (to Todd): Closure is a b*tch.

Holy Halitosis, Basketballman
Kim: I think Lamar has a cavity.
Khloe: Duh, he has like 20 I’m sure.
Kim: No I could smell it… my sixth sense is coming.

Judgy Wudgy
Kourtney (to Kris, about meeting up with Todd Waterman): What a little whore. Why would you even give someone the satisfaction. Wouldn’t you just want him to think you didn’t know he exists?
Kim: I get wanting to do it for closure, but you didn’t do it for that … I really want you to take a lie detector test.
Khloe: I want you to take an STD test because I’m sure you have a few of those.

Too Soon to Joke?
Kourtney: We seriously need to call Maury Povich...
Kim: Did you touch his penis under the table with your foot?

Seriously Stinky Chompers
Kim (about Lamar’s bad breath): Khloe, I almost throw up in my mouth everytime I hug him.

Sweet Nothings Before Marriage
Bruce (quoting Kris on their wedding day): “‘I just want you to know, never trust me.’”

Favorite Daughter
Kim (to Kris, about the lie detector test): I knew I was your favorite daughter.

Finding His Happy Place in the Dentist’s Chair
Lamar (to Dr. Sands, after receiving some strong anesthetics): You guys have the best job in the world. You guys make like millions of dollars a year… You walk outside, you probably get some of the best sandwiches in the world.

Dr. Sands (on Lamar’s teeth condition): Now I know why they call him the Candy Man.

Mane of Men
Scott (to hair care store clerk): I’m good. My hair’s flowing in the wind. It’s him that I’m worried about (pointing to Rob).

Wishful Thinking?
: When do you stop having sex in life?
Khloe (on Bruce): He’s only 60-something.
Kim: Yeah maybe like 80.

Peaceful, At Last
Kris (to Bruce): Let’s have a toast. To how fabulous our life used to be, is, and is going to be.

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