This week’s installment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians kicked off a family vacation in the Dominican Republic, which was ripe for potential drama. There were so many sharp, snarky, and snappy quotes on Season 7, Episode 6, we had a hard time narrowing it down to even 20 favorite quips.

Conscience kicks in
Kris (to her assistant Noelle, about meeting up with ex-flame Todd Waterman): I just left. I just turned around and got in my car and drove away … It just didn’t feel right.

Family vacation, minus one
Kris (on Khloe missing the vacation): Where she belongs is exactly where she is, and that’s with Lamar. But it still makes me sad.

Monkey lovin’
Kim: I think you guys will like [the Dominican Republic] because there are monkeys.

One less diva, please
Bruce (on Scott’s attitude problem): There are too many personalities in this family.

Make up your mind, sis!
Kim (to Kourtney, regarding her apprehension about the family trip): You are so rude and inconsiderate.

Three cheers!
Kris (to Khloe, when she surprises the fam in the Dominican Republic): It’s never the same without you.

Scott, Publik Enemy K
Khloe (to Bruce, about Scott): What’s to figure out? He’s a weirdo. He’s just too up and down for me to mess with.

Kris (to Kendall, Kylie, and their friends): You guys broke my toe. I can’t even put my shoes on.

Hormonal, much?
Kim (to Kris, about Kourtney’s moodiness): Being pregnant this time has really changed her.

Not a good idea
Kourtney (about Kris’ tipsy jet ski romp): I don’t think you’re supposed to operate heavy machinery when you’re that intoxicated, and this b*tch decides to get on a jet ski with her prized possession on the back — Kim.”

Freudian slip?
Kim (to Eric, the golf pro): What’s the trick to get it up in the air?

Buyer’s remorse
Scott (to Kourtney): You ordered a $7,000 outdoor table? That’s insane!

Siding with Bruce for once
Kris (to Scott, about Bruce’s efforts to bond): Be appreciative… not an *sshole.

Ice cold!
Scott (to Rob about Bruce): He’s not [Mason’s grandfather], and I’ll tell him too.

Matchmakers not welcome
Bruce (to Kim): I’m sorry for meddling, getting in your business, but I would still love to have a good golf professional in the family.

Weird relationship
Kris: You’re a little red, Disick.
Scott: It’ll turn chocolate before you know it, sweet thing.

Yuck, yuck, yuck
Kourtney (about Kris and Todd meeting): That’s the worst idea I’ve ever even heard.

Pregnancy restrictions in paradise
Kourtney (to Kris): What do you want me to do, zipline through the jungle?

Calling her out
Kourtney (to Kris): I’m not going to take relationship advice from you, who’s going and meeting people from your past. It’s disrespectful to Bruce.

Nail in the coffin
Khloe (to Kris): You said that if and when you were going to meet with him you were going to discuss it with Bruce first, so you’re a liar.

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