Kardashian fans don’t have to wait for the next installment of their reality shows to keep up with Khloé and Kim while they’re in South Africa this week. Both sisters have been active on Twitter since they’ve been overseas.  Earlier today Kim tweeted the pic below of the view from her hotel room.

Credit: Kim Kardashian's Twitter Photo: The View From Kim Kardashian's Cape Town Hotel Room

In Kim's words:

View from my room in Cape Town S. Africa- feels like I'm sleeping on clouds http://twitpic.com/3gpb1d

Khloe quickly wrote back:
@KimKardashian isn't this crazy!!! So stunning.

While the views alone are incredible, the hotel itself is breathtaking too. Ellerman House, located in Cape Town, was once the summer home of Sir John Ellerman, a British investor from the early 20th century. Now, the house serves as a five-star luxury hotel with some rooms costing over $10,000 a night. Let’s just say it caters to the very rich (and famous, in the case of the Kardashians). For us, pictures are probably as close as we’ll ever get to this hotel and we went all Nancy Drew and tried to figure out which rooms the sisters K might be staying in.


Room Four - Sea View Room With Balcony

Credit: Ellerman House Photo: "Room Four - Sea View Room With Balcony” at Cape Town’s Ellerman House

Ellerman House recommends Room Four for honeymooners. While Khloé does have a habit of getting a little grab-happy with her sisters, we don’t think they’d be too interested in a romantic setting. Points for the room’s large balcony, though. We just don’t think it could hold all the people in the Kardashians' big entourage.


East Wing Suite 11 - Sea View Suite With Terrace

Credit: Ellerman House Photo: “East Wing Suite 11 - Sea View Suite With Terrace” at Cape Town’s Ellerman House

Suite 11 not only has a large wraparound balcony, it has private access to the garden and pool. If there’s one thing Khloé and Kim need, it’s somewhere difficult for others to access. One downside of fame is that it can attract creepy stalkers, and no one wants them around. Kim and Khloé could rest easier here, and then hang out during the day in the dining and gathering area with their posse. We think they could be very happy here. We know we would be!


Spa Pool Room - Ellerman Villa

Credit: Ellerman House Photo: “Spa Pool Room” at Cape Town’s Ellerman Villa

But let’s move out to Ellerman Villa before we make any rash decisions. Rooms get a lot pricier, but hey, what’s a few thousand extra dollars when you’re a KK girl? This 20th-century addition to the hotel is described as offering “maximum privacy and unashamed luxury.” Um, wow. Nothing else so perfectly describes exactly what the Kardashians are looking for. Add in the “dedicated” butler and personal chef, and we think we’ve got a winner! The Spa Pool Room’s earthy tones aren’t quite flashy enough to suit either Kim or Khloé, but in the villa, they’d have others to choose from.


The Aqua Room - Ellerman Villa

Credit: Ellerman House Photo: “Aqua Room” at Cape Town’s Ellerman Villa

If the girls are in need of vibrant surroundings to energize them before their many public appearances, the Aqua Room is the room. In fact, that looks the very deck where Kim took her photo. Ah, it’s good to be a Kardashian. Now if only Kim weren’t stranded and starving...


Source: Twitter, Ellerman House


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