Kim Kardashian is obviously determined to take good care of herself during her pregnancy, but is she taking it too far? Her trainer, Tracy Anderson, told that she wants the reality star to hit the gym up to six days a week!

“If they start off at 4 [workouts a week], it is because I am trying to work them up to 6,” Tracy said. “I think one day off is okay.”

One day off, with Kim’s crazy schedule? Is that really necessary, Tracy? Evidently, yes. “Every day that you don’t work out you can guarantee that you will stay your weight or go up 1-3 pounds,” she said. “This is not 3 days a week for 20 minutes on a machine. It is a 6 day commitment.”

She’s not messing around! So, what is Kim doing with all this gym time? Apparently she’s following Tracy's “The Pregnancy Project,” a method that combines dance, which Tracy says Kim is decidedly not into, and muscular structural work, which Kim loves. Oh good! If Kim loves it, maybe she can explain to us what it means, because we have no idea. 

And she better love it, if she’s going to be at it almost every day! No wonder Kim’s been rocking the sneakers so often. Yeesh.

Source: Hollyscoop