Just in case you’ve been living in a hole for the past four months — or recently came out of an extended coma — or perhaps just (gasp!) don’t keep up with pop culture that often — we have some news for you.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant. The reality star, known for her host of reality shows including Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kim & Kourtney Take Miami, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Kanye West this July.

Kim and her rap mogul baby daddy have been dating since last April, and though they don’t know the baby’s gender quite yet, Kim says it doesn’t really matter. ““Just, you know, a healthy baby,” she recently told E! News. That’s all these two are really concerned about.

Credit: Instagram

Naturally, the entire entire universe has been on baby bump watch for months now — and Kim has started to show. The reality star showed off her burgeoning bump during a photoshoot on January 30.

Just don’t expect to see Baby Kimye on your TV screen anytime soon. Kim says she’s not going to let her offspring appear on any Kardashians TV shows until the child is old enough to make his or her own decision.

So little Mason and Penelope will get a new cousin to play with, we just won’t get to see any of their playdates on TV.

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