Is Rob Kardashian still recovering from his nasty break up with Rita Ora? And more importantly, does that recovery involve heavy drinking and hiring call girls? 


A story in Star magazine claims exactly that. “Rob is a complete mess,” a source told the tabloid. “He drinks like a fish, starting in the afternoon and going all night long. Even worse, he’s hooking up with paid escorts, and his business is tanking.”


It’s no secret that Rob went a little off the deep-end after he and aspiring British singer Ora split last December, and things turned nasty. He accused her of cheating (a lot), she never loved him, etc. Bad news all around.


Rob partied a little too hard in the wake of this break-up, but he’s seemed to be on the mend recently, focusing on his family and his fitness.   


But apparently, that’s all lies! Star has an “inside scoop” from a, “sexy blonde escort,” who reportedly gave the tabloid “a full critique of Rob’s bedroom skills along with her account of his heavy boozing and partying.” Scandal!  


Rob’s mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloe Kardashian reportedly got really worried about Rob after he went overboard with Lamar Odom at Hollywood’s Greystone Manor recently, and have tried to level with him about his drinking. Sadly, “their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.”


Wow, for someone who evidently always has a raging hangover, we’re pretty impressed with all that early morning hiking Rob has been doing. Now that’s commitment.


Source: Star magazine via