Just a day after Kanye West went public with his love for Kim Kardashian, the reality star stepped out with a mysterious red mark on her neck. The blotch was spotted as Kim arrived to the New York City restaurant Cafeteria with the rap superstar on Thursday. (Kim was also snapped leaving the music mogul’s apartment on Friday morning, for the second time this week.)

Hmm... is there something you want to tell us, Kim? Evidently not. The brunette beauty played coy about the possible relationship during an appearance on the TODAY show on Friday, saying she’s been friends with Kanye for years, but that “you never know what the future holds or where my life will take me.”

Of course, Kim’s isn’t necessarily sporting a hickey. She’s been very public about her battle with psoriasis, which could also explain the red mark.

The two “friends” will have to deal with distance for a while: Kim jetted out of New York on Friday.

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