Here's one more reason why Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are perfect for each other.

The rapper is crazy about Kim's pregnant body and loves the way she looks while she's expecting their child, according to Hollywood Life.

“He loves it,” a source says about Kim's pregnant bod. ”He loves everything about Kim K — pregnant, not pregnant, skinny, big.” Aww!

The source continues by saying Kim is Kanye's "dime piece" and that there's nothing about her that he doesn't adore. 

Meanwhile, the couple has been jetsetting quite a bit lately, but they're planning to give birth to their little one in L.A.

“She wants to stay close to home with her family and her friends,” the source reveals. “They’re just taking everything one step at a time.” 

We're so happy for these two  as they could seriously not be any cuter!

Source: Hollywood Life