Abuse and infidelity in the Kardashian family will make headlines again, when a controversial Kardashian tell-all hits newsstands in early April.

In Touch Weekly, which previously released excerpts from the handwritten journals of the late Robert Kardashian, has announced that it will publish 214 pages of those journals, along with photos and interviews, as part of its first “bookazine.”

Claims that Kris Jenner abused and neglected her children with Robert were among the most shocking reveals in the previously published passages, which In Touch received from Robert’s widow Ellen Kardashian.

Kris, along with kids Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have publicly refuted the abuse claims and called Ellen a liar, but she has stood by the journals and everything in them.

Of course, only the family will ever really know whether or not the journals are accurate, but anything that promises to reveal "the betrayal, lies and secret pasts of America's most controversial family” is sure to attract plenty of attention. What do you think, should these journals be published? Will you read them?  


Source: In Touch Weekly