The Kardashians have been living it up (and filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians) on the beautiful Greek islands recently, and from the looks of things they’re having a fabulous time. But did they go a little too far in to try and get a taste of the local culture?

According to Greek Reporter, the Kardashians ran into some trouble on the island of Santorini, where they butted heads with a hotel owner. Apparently, “The Kardashians wanted to break plates during a party they held at a hotel on the Greek island but the management did not allow them. This resulted in a small fight with the management but their wish was never granted.”

Bummer! But if you think the Kardashians are going to take no for an answer, you are sorely mistaken. They wanted to smash plates, and smash plates they did, reports Celebuzz.

We’re not sure where they ended up living out this Greek life dream, but apparently the clan enjoyed some traditional Greek dancing during tr dinner, and then joined in the fun themselves. And that traditional Greek dancing led, naturally, to plate smashing! So, they got the real Greek experience they were looking for after all. 

We're all for experiencing local culture, but come on Ks, it's not like you've never smashed plates before! Scott Disick threw his plate-smashing rager recently, and Khloe made Kim smash plates to let out some divorce rage on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami! At this point, you're all practically professionals. 

Source: Greek Reporter, Celebuzz