After filming is over, Kourtney is complimented on her earrings and Kim brings up the makeover her blog has recently received. Both Khloe and Kourtney admit they’ve been trying to get their own upgrade for a while now but to no avail. Kim then brings up a new opportunity she’s received to head up a new line of designs — alone. Khloe freaks out right away. Their group business venture was something forever. “Why are you going to taint our water by diluting it?” Khloe asks. She then points out that she’s being willing to share her own potential opportunities in the past, like the QuickTrim deal, for example. Kourtney doesn’t understand why Kim wants to go off and do things on her own when the whole draw of being an entrepreneur in the first place was getting to work with her sisters. “Do you consider us a charity case?” Khloe asks Kim.  

When Kourtney and Khloe are alone, they wonder “what’s up with Kim.” Khloe makes fun of her all-new attitude about maxi dresses, which Kourtney points out she was just wearing the other day. Khloe thinks their father would be disgusted by Kim letting business get in between them. The girls agree that maybe the family needs some therapy Rob, the three girls, and Kris in particular. ”The baby’s coming and we need to clear some air for the baby. The baby can’t be brought into this negative energy,” she says.

Khloe calls Kim to tell her about the therapy sesh. She points out that their mom is on board, which Kim does not believe. “Go ahead and call your madre,” she dares. When Kim dials up Kris, it’s true. Rob’s potentially OCD, and Kourtney and Khloe are eager to hash things out. Even if Kris doesn’t buy into the whole concept of therapy, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep everyone happy. Kim agrees with her logic.

So, off they go! Khloe and Kim are doing a makeup session of their own and chatting lightly about a drunken phone call, when Rob comes in and starts into his portion of group therapy a little early. He’s got his sights set on Kim, particularly, who he thinks is the picture perfect example of a selfish person. Kim reacts, shouting, “My job is to help you out! You’re not a f*cking charity case, get a job.” Kris steps in and notes that perhaps it’s a good thing they’re all reaching out for help, after all.

Oprah’s in the house on tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Some of the family also decides to partake in group therapy, where Rob suffers a minor meltdown.

We start things off by checking out Kim’s jam-packed closet, which boyfriend Kanye West and his stylist take over. He’s taught her that she needs to gain some individuality with an overhaul of her wardrobe. “I think my style’s just evolving and changing, and I think it should be because that’s what life is all about,” she says. “He’s a fashion designer and he loves clothes, so I’m excited to collaborate with him to see what his take on fashion is.” Kim might be used to being on the giving end of closet makeovers, but this time, she’s receiving the bad news about the disposal of her wardrobe. As they mull through her things, Kanye’s not impressed with her choice of “must keep” bags. “Sometimes silence is the best response,” he says. He then makes up for the cold remark by kissing her all over and explaining, “I like natural-looking … because I grew up on like ‘80s magazines.” When the gang is all through, the donation pile is quite impressive.

When Khloe gets wind of what Kim’s done, she’s not too thrilled. “You’re not getting rid of all these,” she commands. “Kim’s makeover is crazy, her whole wardrobe is being removed, and it’s a lot for me to handle.” There are a few items she tries to quibble over, but Kim’s sticking by her man’s decision. The stuff’s gotta go. Khloe realizes some of these items were from her. “So are you saying I’m a sh**ty dresser?”

Meanwhile, Rob heads to Vegas to judge the Miss USA pageant, while Kim’s also in town for an appearance of her own. He gets his mom on the horn to discuss the idea of opening a men’s DASH store, but he doesn’t think Kris takes him seriously. “Just have a good show tonight,” she begs of him. She does care, but she doesn’t have time to hold his hand through an all-new business venture.

Finally the therapist, Dr. Nicki Monti, summons everyone in and greets them individually. She asks about their opinions on therapy, and everyone responds differently. Kim, of course, is the least thrilled about the whole deal, especially since Rob just blew up at her. Khloe turns the focus to Rob and says that he’s anti-social. “Not that I’m anti-social … The only people in my life that matter, that ever contact me, are my family,” insists Rob. “I don’t have many friends because I’m about having a close circle.” Khloe admits then that they never really get him to talk, and Dr. Nicki wants to give him the floor.

Meanwhile, over at the Disick house, Scott’s got Mason for the day. “We have a big day ahead of us, Mase,” says the proud papa. “You know what we’re going to do? Straight chill.” They go for a little ride around the property and then plan some lunch and pool time. Scott’s clearly doing his daddy duty well.

Back at therapy, Kris tells Dr. Nicki that she wants to get some boundaries in place for the family. The family is complicated, and as it grows, it becomes even more so. Khloe and Kourtney bring up Kris’ favoritism of Kim. Khloe says she, Kourt, and Rob can all agree that they feel a little slighted by Kris’s attention for Kim. Kim says she thinks she and Kris just have an unique understanding about one another and that they can talk about things more. She doesn’t hate on Kourtney and Khloe for having a common language, does she? It might not hurt Kim’s feelings that Khloe and Kourtney are closer, but it does hurt Khloe that her mom favors Kim. “I’m obviously hurt because we’re not just my mom’s clients,” Khloe says. “We’re her children.” Kris realizes that she’s going to make an effort to praise her other daughters as much as she does Kim.

When Rob shows up to Kim’s hotel to chat, he brings up the subject of his upcoming sock line, which he’s titled Arthur George. Kim points out that it’s too similar to their high-end menswear line name, Rob George, but Rob doesn’t care. It’s his middle name and his father’s name, so why shouldn’t he use it. Kim disagrees, but what’s done is done. “She thinks everything is about herself, apparently,” he says. “He’s so dramatic,” Kim retorts after he stomps out of the room.

While on the red carpet for the pageant, Rob fields quite a few questions about his sisters particularly Kim much to his chagrin. Once he gets inside though, he gets a few inquiries about his sock line from strangers. “It feels great to get the love and respect about my sock line from people who aren’t even family to me, I just met them,” he says. Rob just wishes Kris would give him the same credo.

Speaking of Kris, she’s taking a meeting about a potential new makeup line concept involving Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. Between double-ended lipsticks and mascaras, things are looking great until Kim starts harping on the packaging. She likes the idea of the bottles being different sizes, but she doesn’t like the color palette differences. Khloe’s getting annoyed, especially when Kim indicates she doesn’t want Kardashian in the name of the line.

In the car, the gang notes that Kim’s trying to separate herself from the business momentum the three sisters had going. Rob then sees an opportunity to bring up his own business woes, saying that he has “literally no income” coming in and wants Kris to help him set up the DASH menswear store. Kim points out that investors will have a tough time seeing past his flakiness, and Kris doesn’t have a lot of time to invest in his latest whim anyhow.

Back at Scott’s, he’s playing a video for Mason when he hears the siren song of a business call. He resists the temptation to go into work, though. He admits, “Kourtney doesn’t love leaving Mason for a whole day with me because she’s worried I’ll get focused on business and not Mason.” He already knows he’s going to have even more on his plate once the second baby arrives.

Later, Rob is accused of being a “simmering volcano ready to erupt,” but he says that he’s just passionate about certain things. Kourtney says he reminds her of the way she used to be edgy and uptight about certain things and unable to relax. “My anger, a lot of it stems from like the working environment because they all put this cloud on me like I’m a loser,” he says. He points out that his mom prioritizes his sisters above him.

Dr. Nicki points out that he looks sad, and that’s when he starts crying. He gets up to leave, and she shouts, “Things don’t get better when you walk out.” Kourtney starts tearing up, perhaps realizing the gravity of her brother’s unhappiness. Khloe goes out to comfort him, and Dr. Nicki follows shortly. It dawns on everyone how real and intense Rob’s built-up anger really is.

Tune in next week to see how this tumultuous therapy session ends!

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And just as the family crisis fruit seems ripe, it’s time for visit from Oprah! The talk show queen is on the way to conduct her OWN special on the Kardashians, and everyone’s getting glammed up for the occasion. Even Bruce looks spiffy in his button-up, and Khloe’s having a cow over potential sweat stains. “Of course my favorite daughter’s down here first!” Kris shouts of Kim’s arrival to the cameras. She’s antsy about the big guest’s arrival, so when Oprah comes a-knockin’, Bruce’s icebreaker is right on time. “Someone’s at the door. Oh my God, it’s Oprah!” he jokes

Oprah greets everyone in turn, and Lamar’s just starstruck. He says she’s like that aunt who takes care of everyone. He’s honored to even just meet her, but he’s a wee bit nervous about doing his joint interview with Khloe. But first thing’s first: picture time! Oprah gets shots with everyone, including a single shot with Kim, and Rob’s brooding already about being sectioned off to the side of Kendall and Kylie pose. He takes the opportunity of free time to approach Scott about extending his sock line into underwear and ties. Scott thinks it’s an awesome idea , noting that he feels badly for Rob and will help him in whatever way he can. But Scott also thinks needs to learn how to exist without Mommy and become a man in his own right.

Behind the scenes during Lam and Khloe’s chat, the producers are setting up everyone else’s turns Kourtney and Scott together, Kim alone, etc. Rob’s face time is relegated to a cameo during the girls’ group chat, much to his disliking. During Scott’s chat, the black sheep question comes up, and he admits that he is, indeed, an “*sshole.” The producer compliments him on his candor, which Scott takes to heart. They then proceed to joke about how quickly Kris will cry during her interview, and sure enough she starts tearing up as the talk begins.

During Kim’s interview, the subject of Kanye comes up, and Kim handles it beautifully. She admits it’s something about Oprah’s presence and warmth that makes her easy to open up to. Rob’s wondering why he’s even here, since he’s just getting pulled in during a group chat. Clearly, he’s having some sort of identity crisis. “This is a dream come true for my sisters and I and I can tell my brother feels left out,” Khloe notes.

When he finally does get his turn, he talks about the passing of his father. Rob says it’s tough to live in his sister’s shadow, but he’s happy for their successes. Khloe doesn’t like his attitude, though, and thinks he’s forgetting how hard they’ve worked to get their businesses off the ground, even with the famous name.