Looks like Khloe Kardashian is breaking her vow to keep her nipples out of the public eye.

The youngest Kardashian sister suffered a boob-tastic wardrobe malfunction during her live TV debut on The X Factor earlier this month. This time, she gave fans an up close and personal look at her girls!

Khloe tweeted out a video titled “Nipple time” from her Keek account, which features the reality starlet feeling herself up and flashing her bra for the camera.

“My nipples are out of control,” she says in the 11-second clip.

Minutes after sharing the video, Khloe tweeted, “Did that really send out? Stop! LOL ugh oh... My bad.” She added, “Awko taco... That’s what I get for being naughty.”

After realizing her mistake, Khloe deleted the video all together. 

Farewell, "Nipple time," we hardly knew ye.

Credit: Keek

Source: Twitter

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