Is Lamar Odom’s partying reaching a breaking point? A recent report in Life & Style reveals that Khloe Kardashian is increasingly worried about the partying habits of her baller husband. And considering his father Joe Odom’s past problems with addiction, it may be warranted. In fact, Joe himself tells the magazine himself that “Khloe’s very concerned” about Lamar.

Referencing tequila shots before noon and nights out on the town that run into the early morning, the magazine also claims that Khloe wants Lamar to seek help after the basketball season, in order to “slow down on the partying.” Could this mean substance abuse treatment?

While Joe is not the cited source behind the claims that Khloe wants Lamar to seek help, he does suggest Khloe’s concern is growing.

He likes to party,” Joe tells Life & Style. “I think, probably as a wife, you know, you worry about your husband.”

The question we have is, does Khloe worry about Lamar the way anyone worries about their significant other, or does she have some true cause for concern?

Source: Life & Style