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Khloe Kardashian has been turning heads recently, hitting the town in short leather skirts and seriously clingy gowns. We have to say, she looks great! So what’s her secret? How is Khloe getting (and staying!) in such great shape!

Apparently, Khloe has been getting exercise with her weight loss-focused brother Rob. According to Celebuzz, Khloe has been going on lots of hikes with Rob around Los Angeles and, of course, sticking to a healthy diet.

Lest you think this is some sort of easy task for Khloe, she shared a video from behind-the-scenes of a recent super-glam photo shoot. And by behind-the-scenes, we mean next to the dreaded craft services table! Khloe had to go on record lamenting the table full of snacks.

“They have everything here!” she wailed. “Look at the bad food! They have candy and oreos and cookies and everything! And we’re not going to eat it. We are just going to smell the junk food. I can’t eat it, but I want to!”

Stay strong, Khloe! We’re way impressed with her will power, because we seriously doubt our ability to smell an Oreo and not eat it. Immediately.   

Even if she caves to a sugar craving, Khloe can count on a new, built-in fitness routine to help keep her in line: Walking adorable new pup Bernard Hopkins! Cuddly and cute? That’s a workout partner we’d get along with.

Source: Celebuzz, Keek