Credit: Marcus/Splash News Photo: Khoe Kardashian in Beverly Hills with Stepdaughter Destiny Odom

If you thought the Kardashian drama with their late father’s widow Ellen Kardashian was over, think again. Khloe Kardashian just can’t stop throwing barbs her way!

During a January 28 appearance on E!’s Fashion Police, host Joan Rivers asked Khloe whether she finds it hard to be a stepmom to husband Lamar Odom’s two kids. “I have one of the world’s best teachers, and that’s Bruce [Jenner],” Khloe said to a chorus of “Awws” from the audience. “Bruce has done such a remarkable job of being a stepparent, because I’ve had some evil stepmothers, and Bruce did such a seamless job, he was never too overbearing.”

Considering this appearance comes on the heels of a very heated showdown between the Kardashian sisters and their ex stepmother, Ellen, we’re pretty sure we can guess what that “evil stepmother” comment was about! Khloe didn’t dwell too long on her recent Twitter tirade, however, choosing instead to get back to praising stepdad Bruce.

“I really learn from him and I really take a page out of his book, so it’s really been easy for me, but I never want to be that evil stepmother.” Khloe adds that she lets Lamar be the disciplinarian and she focuses on being “the fun one.” Sounds like a plan!

Credit: Aol On Entertainment Photo: Watch: Khloe Kardashian on E!'s Fashion Police (VIDEO)